The Great Interior Design Challenge

Season Four of BBC2’s Great Interior Design Challenge kicked off last night and I shall be watching this series with particular interest. After spending four weeks this time last year shouting at my TV set “that’s awful – I can do better than that” I decided to put my money where my mouth is and spent a couple of weeks last spring putting together my application to take part in the competition…

Taking part in something like this is totally outside my comfort zone but I realised that if successful, it could be life changing.

I wanted to stand out amongst the crowd so I decided to submit my presentation in the form of a magazine. My Victorian terrace home is pretty small and taking photographs that do the interior justice is challenging to say the least so I designed mood boards for each sample room that incorporated different elements of my style.






Although I completed the standard application form, I also transferred my responses into my ‘magazine’ including information about my personal influences, ‘soft’ skills and two sister businesses Chalky Chic and Pip Art.

I sent off my precious submission by recorded delivery and was really excited when 24 hours later I got a voicemail to ring the production company. Of course I rang back as soon as I could only to find that the offices were closed for the bank holiday so I had an agonising few days waiting to speak to them.

I’d made the first cull and then it was just a case of waiting to see if I’d been selected to take part in the show.

I guess by now you have realised that I didn’t make it through to the final shortlist and watching the first episode yesterday I’m not sure I would have coped with the public scrutiny or the judges criticism. However, I really enjoyed putting my application together and I don’t regret the time I devoted to it.

As I said at the start, it will be very interesting to see just who did make the final cut. I will try to not judge the contestants too harshly or feel too bitter that ‘it should have been me’!



Using White Wax

I’ve been itching to try out Annie Sloan’s new white wax so when I came across a couple of small crate-style trays I knew instantly that they would be the perfect project to experiment with…

I decided that their rustic appearance leant itself to the coastal theme that is so popular at the moment and painted each of them in slightly different shades of blue: a marine blue for one and a deep aqua for the other.

As my intention was to distress them before applying the wax, I painted both in old white before applying the blue so that I could rub them back to show the white in the grooving, corners and edges.

Finally I worked white wax into all the surfaces to create a lime-wash finish and am very pleased with the overall effect.

I think they would look particularly nice on a dresser or coffee table with a display of coastal themed items such as a sea glass or shell collection or with a few old glass bottles.

Now that I have mastered white wax, I am looking forward to trying it out on a few different pieces.