Pitching Up for Not On The High Street

noths-logoLast week I drove the 80 miles to Leicester to pitch to Not On The High Street. It was an interesting although sadly unsuccessful experience. The event was held at St Martin’s House, a converted grammar school in the heart of the city.

Attendees were each given a 10-minute slot to pitch their product or idea to a team of experienced Not On The High Street staff and the crowded waiting area was mainly full of bright young things each hoping that their creation was going to wow the buyers and secure them a space in this highly successful marketplace.

Although I love what I do and believe in my product 100%, I wasn’t overly confident that it is right for Not On The High Street and so went along with few expectations under the premise that it would be good experience and useful to get some professional feedback on my upcycling business. The experts liked my product too but advised that I needed to be able to offer the same item in a range of colours and perhaps with an option for customers to provide their own fabric for upholstery.

benchbrochureOccasionally I will have a limited edition of the same item such as my upholstered benches or lime-washed crates, but on the whole each item is unique and upcycled to make the most of its features.

That is the beauty of a piece from Chalky Chic – it is a world away from mass produced, catalogue or flat-packed furniture.

Using White Wax

I’ve been itching to try out Annie Sloan’s new white wax so when I came across a couple of small crate-style trays I knew instantly that they would be the perfect project to experiment with…

I decided that their rustic appearance leant itself to the coastal theme that is so popular at the moment and painted each of them in slightly different shades of blue: a marine blue for one and a deep aqua for the other.

As my intention was to distress them before applying the wax, I painted both in old white before applying the blue so that I could rub them back to show the white in the grooving, corners and edges.

Finally I worked white wax into all the surfaces to create a lime-wash finish and am very pleased with the overall effect.

I think they would look particularly nice on a dresser or coffee table with a display of coastal themed items such as a sea glass or shell collection or with a few old glass bottles.

Now that I have mastered white wax, I am looking forward to trying it out on a few different pieces.