Thinking About Branding…

With my first Flea Market approaching I have been looking at my branding and am not particularly happy with what I see. I wanted to convey a cohesive, contemporary, upmarket image but it just doesn’t gel…

I love what I do and I want that to come across. I aim for striking, simple pieces of furniture that make a statement and my branding has to reinforce this.

My website (which I designed wearing my other hat – Pip Art) uses a restricted colour palette – basically charcoal on white – and relies on the furniture itself to provide colour. Although two separate businesses, there is a synergy between them as both this site and my Pip Art website use a whitewashed brick background and both embody my love of colour.

12711077_933853340043162_2787982555447600389_oI also used this background for my promotional flyers and wish I’d done the same for my business cards which I designed long before I began even thinking about flyers. Luckily, I only ordered a small quantity of these so will be changing to white brick background for the next print run.


75mm-2I wanted to stamp my maker’s mark on a discreet part of each piece I paint so I purchased an ink stamp of the Chalky Chic logo from the fantastic English Stamp Company. As I don’t need to mass produce labels I decided to use this on my point of sale materials too and bought a lettering set in my favourite typeface, American Typewriter so that I can hand-stamp pricing information on the labels. 

labelI have always loved the simplicity of items made from Kraft card and so decided to use this for my labelling. Painted furniture should always come with after care instructions and for each piece of furniture on my stall I produced a little folded [Kraft] card with the Chalky Chic logo on the front, the price stamped inside and separate care instructions folded  inside the matching envelope. I attached both of these to the piece using narrow black ribbon although as I’m mad about gingham, I think I might change to black & white gingham for my next sale.

Lessons learnt? Well, launching Chalky Chic has certainly been a steep learning curve…

Perhaps I dived in too quickly and should have taken time to think about the branding beyond a website and business cards and if I was to do it again I would take more time to develop a clearer brand identity. I’ve also learnt to avoid using a particular material (for example Kraft card) just because it is a personal favourite.

However, it is not too late to get it right. I am happy with the basic concept so with some minor tweaks – such as paper stock – to ensure a cohesive look and feel, and I think I’m almost there.