Using White Wax

I’ve been itching to try out Annie Sloan’s new white wax so when I came across a couple of small crate-style trays I knew instantly that they would be the perfect project to experiment with…

I decided that their rustic appearance leant itself to the coastal theme that is so popular at the moment and painted each of them in slightly different shades of blue: a marine blue for one and a deep aqua for the other.

As my intention was to distress them before applying the wax, I painted both in old white before applying the blue so that I could rub them back to show the white in the grooving, corners and edges.

Finally I worked white wax into all the surfaces to create a lime-wash finish and am very pleased with the overall effect.

I think they would look particularly nice on a dresser or coffee table with a display of coastal themed items such as a sea glass or shell collection or with a few old glass bottles.

Now that I have mastered white wax, I am looking forward to trying it out on a few different pieces.